Winter gloves care and washing guide

Winter gloves are needed to keep a person’s hands warm and protected during the winter. With all of the rock salt and other snow melting products, these gloves do tend to get dirty. There are some tips for cleaning dirty winter gloves.

Leather Gloves

To clean dirty leather gloves use a little bit of saddle soap to remove any stains to the outside of the glove. Allow the glove to dry and then using a microfiber cloth gently polish it. To clean the inside of the glove sprinkle some baking soda into the opening. This will help absorb any oils and odours on the inside. Shake out the baking soda and the glove should be clean once again. This will help with winter glove care and washing guide to make sure they are protected.

Wool Gloves

To clean winter gloves that are made out of wool mix warm water and some hand soap. Put the gloves in the water and allow them to soak for a couple of minutes. Remove the gloves from the water and lay them on a flat surface. Use the tips of the fingers to press any water out of the gloves. Do not twist the gloves in any away as this made damage them. Put the gloves between two paper towels and press down to further remove any water. Allow the gloves to lie on a flat surface so they can continue to dry. Click here for more.

Cotton Gloves

Winter gloves that are made from cotton are easy to take care of. These gloves can be put in the washing machine on the cold water cycle. The gloves should not be put in the dryer as this can lead to shrinking. The gloves should be put on a flat surface and allowed to dry. If there are still spots left on the gloves a spot cleaner and a brush can be used to remove them. If the gloves are a specific color and a person is looking to protect the color they can be washed using an oxygen bleach. This will save the coloring and will give additional protection to the gloves.

Ski Gloves

These gloves are often waterproof. Using hydrogen peroxide spray the outside of the gloves and wipe them down gently. Sprinkle baking soda on the inside of the gloves to remove any odour of oils. Since these gloves are waterproof they will not need to be dried.

Suede Gloves

These gloves are very stylish but if a person does not take proper care of them the gloves can be easily ruined. Before wearing the gloves spray them down with a special suede protecting spray. When cleaning the gloves a special suede cleaner is going to need to be purchased. This cleaner should be used as directed to make sure the gloves are not ruined.

These are some tips for washing dirty winter gloves. Winter gloves and warm and will help protect the hands in the cold winter weather. Now a person can have clean gloves once again. All they need to do is wash the gloves and they are ready to go out in the winter weather once again.

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