When To Heed Medical Advice And When To Disregard

When To Heed Medical Advice And When To Disregard

Sometimes we have to go against the grain and the advice someone gives us in order to find success and a pleasant outcome. This idea is extremely relevant in the story about the pediatrician whom was fired. But in fact, the act of him being fired wound up saving a life – the life of a 9-month old baby. In this specific story, found on Yahoo!, an overworked pediatrician shoo’d off a mother who was calling to make an urgent appointment for her baby. The baby had a flaming hot 107-degree temperature and needed immediate medical attention, but the doctor had “no time”. The doctor suggested that they make an appointment for a later day where he could see him, but the mother didn’t listen to the advice and took the baby in to the E.R. Where she spent 5 days on an IV and taking antibiotics. It was a very severe fever that easily could have been fatal for a body of such an infant age.

The result of this near-catastrophe was a fired pediatrician. Sometimes, that’s what families have to do. While medical professionals are some of the most personable and caring folk around, they are not always right and sometimes make the wrong call. It’s true that most pediatricians are overworked, but let’s not forget that they receive quite the compensation when you look at their salary. In some states, pediatricians make over $100 an hour to equal a whopping annual amount of $200,000. Even the bottom-of-the-barrel pediatricians make $50,000 and up while the median is around $125,000-$155,000. Never expect anything less than complete and absolute professionalism from your pediatrician. For more information on pediatrician salaries, please visit this site.

However, sometimes it’s a good idea to keep a medical professional near or around you at all times. Dr. Geoffrey Rose gives you perfect picture of why this could be a life-saving thing through his story on Charlotte Observer. While unhealthy hearts is not a new thing in America, the exact moments when cardiac failure can strike is still a very unknown thing. No matter how harmless a simple thing, such as watching a football game, can be, it still can spawn the moment for you to have a cardiac-related episode. There are stories Rose tells of people watching football on the TV, becoming so emotionally involved in the game, and their heart taking the price as blood pressure shoots through the roof and causes a fatal heart attack. Many of us need a cardiologist near by or at least see a cardiologist regularly to make sure things like this do not happen. Dr. Rose suggests a good amount of exercise, relaxation, as well as the will power to walk away from tense and stressful situations are the best ways to avoid heart-symptoms like this. Some people view cardiologists as the unsung-heroes of the medical world. If you are at all interested in becoming a cardiologist, I’d give this a good read.

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