What Are The Benefits Of Cold Press Juicers

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10When you want to get the best value of nutrients from fresh produce, you need cold press juicers. It is also great with vegetables, unlike most other juicers that just do an okay job. You may ask yourself why people juice, it’s actually because it has a lot of health benefits. However, juicing can be time-consuming and very expensive in almost all the cases. This is always due to the fact that fresh produce is slightly expensive, especially if you don’t garden yourself. It’s time consuming due to the fact that you need to clean both the produce and juicer, plus you have to cut up the fresh produce.


Saves Money

A cold press juicer produces the same amount of juice as any other juicer, but with way less produce. If you are a regular juicer then you will actually save a lot after a while. It may be a little expensive to buy than any other juicer, but you will make up for the difference in no time.

Saves Time

A centrifugal juicer takes a shorter time, but the cold presser is still your best bet. This is because juice made from a cold press juicer lasts way longer than juice made with a centrifugal juicer. You will save time, eventually because you can make enough juice and store it for later use. With a cold press juicer, you can store the juice for up to 3 days while a centrifugal juicer makes juice storable for only about 2 days.

Makes Healthier juice

A cold press juicer crushes the produce to make juice, this is a natural process and that’s why its juice even lasts longer. A Centrifugal juice, on the other hand, uses blades to separate the juice from the produce and creates heat in the process. This heat creates oxidation and creates a foam. You, therefore, get a poor quality product, with a short lifespan.

Quiet and Multi-functional

You could use a cold press juicer to make things like pasta, buffets, rice cakes, sorbet and baby food. The downside to this is that you are going to spend a little bit more time when it comes to cleaning, disassembling and assembling. It is also very quiet and can be used even when there is a sleeping baby in the house. A centrifugal juicer is too noisy and not discreet in any way.

Great with greens

Only a cold press juicer is able to make good juice from green leaves and vegetables. A centrifugal juicer will make very low-quality juice when it comes to vegetables and soft fruits. Vegetable juice is very healthy and you should find a juicer to ensure you get the best juice from it.


I would recommend anyone to always go for a cold press juicer. It may have a few disadvantages, but its advantages are clearly numerous. If you don’t make juice from fruits and vegetables, then it is always advisable to start and live a healthier life. Just make sure you go for a cold press juicer from the start.


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