Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Home Theater Subwoofer

Subwoofers are essential too, just like the usual speakers. Subwoofers are designed to deliver distinctive bass that adds layers of subtle, delicate, detailed, and immense sound that draws you to the production of either movie or music. But how do you choose the best subwoofer?


Subwoofers deliver huge impact to home theater sound production; it is designed as a loudspeaker to deliver low-pitched audio frequencies or bass tones that speakers can limitedly produce. And when you buy a home theater subwoofer you have to consider a lot of factors compared to how you bought your current home theater speakers.

How to choose the best home theater subwoofer?

#1: Consider the size

The first thing you need to consider when buying a home theater subwoofer is the size.

Generally speaking, a woofer with a larger surface area will deliver a deeper sound. However, bigger is not always better; so, avoid bigger subwoofers that are unnecessarily big, even if you find it tempting. Instead, choose a subwoofer that can flawlessly blend with your other speakers, creating an immersive home theater audio experience.

So, which size of subwoofer should you choose?

Consider the place you are planning to position the subwoofer and the size of your speakers. For instance, if your home theater consists of bookshelf speakers, you should consider 8 to 10 inches subwoofers; however, if your speakers are one of those big floor-standing ones with huge center channels, you should consider 12 to 13 inches subwoofers.

How big is the room where your home theater is positioned? If you have a bigger room with big speakers, you should consider larger subwoofers. However, if your home theater is placed in an average to small-space room, considering smaller-sized subwoofers makes sense.

#2: Consider the power-rating

How much power do you need for your subwoofers?

Every subwoofer has different power-ratings; some have higher power ratings, some are subtle. When choosing a home theater subwoofer based on its power-rating, you should know which subwoofer fits in within a specific room. For instance:

  • 8-inch subwoofers with a power rating of 150 watts are appropriate for a small-sized room.
  • 15-inch subwoofers with a power rating of 500 watts are ideal for a larger room.

Several home theater system manufacturers offer online calculators to their customers to help them choose the right size of the subwoofer, according to the size of the bedroom.

#3: Consider wireless

There are two types of home theater subwoofers based on their connectivity – wireless and wired. When choosing between the two, you should opt for wireless. Although wired subwoofers guarantee less distorted transfer of frequencies from the speaker to the subwoofer, wireless subwoofers are more convenient to use than wired ones. Additionally, most of the wireless subwoofers allow a built-in amplifier to power up the speaker driver.

There are a lot more factors to consider when looking for the best and reliable home theater subwoofer, but there is one critical factor that you should keep in mind – do not compromise quality over price.

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