The Most Trusted Brand for Car Seats

Travelling by car with children on board is dangerous; especially with no extra security for the kids. For new parents, it might be stressful to prepare all the necessary things to make sure the kids are safely secured in the car. Car seats are essential for those parents who have little children. These car seats are used to prevent serious injuries when possible road accidents occur.


Britax is one of the most recommended and trusted brands when it comes to car seats. Car seats from Britax are made with quality materials; resulting to its great durability, functionality, and design. Trusted by many parents, you might want to try car seats from this brand. For those who need help in picking the right Britax car seat, read this article as it will give you a simple review on some of the car seats that Britax offers.


The Britax Boulevard Clicktight car seat is designed to accommodate children with the height of 49’’ or less and is weighing 5 to 40 lbs. for rear facing position, and 20 to 65 lbs. forward facing position. For better security, it has 2 layers of Impact Protection feature. In case of road accidents and car collision, this car seat is designed with Safe Cell Impact Protection which absorbs sudden impact and stabilizes its base. With the easy buckle system and clicktight feature, it is so easy to use and install. Aside from the quality protection is provides, it also boasts its ability to provide comfort for the child. With its plush foam padding, the child will surely be comfortable in the duration of the ride.

Other features:

  • Allows up to 7 positions recline
  • Auto level indicators
  • Snug and safe harness
  • Easy removable covers


This Britax car seat model boasts its amazing features; thus, makes it the most expensive car seat among other car seats that is from Britax. The difference between this model and the others from Britax is the amount of layers for Impact Protection feature. The Advocate Clicktight car seat is made with 3 layers of Impact Protection with more amount of energy absorbing side cushions. It mostly has the same features as the other 2 Britax car seats.

Other Features:

  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Child capacity: for rear front position is 5 to 40lbs. and for front position is 20 to 65 lbs.
  • Latch and seatbelt with easy instalment


This model also shares some common features with the other two (2) models of Britax car seats. With these features, it will surely secure the children and give you the ease of comfort when driving the family car with the children on board. The difference between the Britax Marathon Clicktight is the following features:

  • Compared from the other two items, this model only has one side impact protection.
  • It lacks the quick adjust head protection feature which is available from the other model.
  • The Marathon Clicktight has 12 positions quick adjust harness.
  • This model is cheaper compared to the other two.

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