Starter Bikes For Your Kids

Looking for the perfect bike that your kid can use to learn and enjoy at the same time?

There are countless of types and brands you can pick from and having so many options can make you feel a little overwhelmed; and this will affect the choice you make. To narrow down your choices, try to look for reliable resources and reviews; learn valuable information from these resources and avoid products that are not worth your money and time.


There are factors you should consider in choosing the best bicycle for your children.

1. Size

The size of the bike should correlates to the age of the user. For children ages 3 to 5 with the height of 3’3” to 3’8” should start with a bicycle with a wheel size of 12”. For ages 4 to 6 and with a height 3’5” to 3’10” is compatible with a 14” wheel size bicycles.  Ages 5 to 8 with the height of 3’8” to 4’2” should be paired to a 16” or 18 wheel sized bikes.  Those children along the age range of 7 to 9 with the height of 3’10” to 4’6” should use 20” wheel sized bicycles. For ages 8 to 11 that stands in the height of 4’2” to 4’9” should use bicycles that have 24” wheel size.

Using bicycles that are of the right size is not just for comfort but also for safety reasons. Smaller sized children riding bigger bikes will cause accidents and will endanger your child. Although it may look and seem cool that a small kid is able to ride a bigger bike, one’s safety should be the priority; so choose bicycles that are of the right sized for your child.

2. Quality

Although the bike comes from a well-known brand, it is not guaranteed that it is of its best quality. How can one know that the one they choose is a good one? Take into consideration the materials it was made with; also, look into its features. Quality bicycles have special features along with its basic ones. Shock absorbers for example; this will make the riding more comfortable and create upright posture for the user. Low gears are also one of the things you should look into; this will allow pedalling in an uphill terrain easier.  It will also help to read the product’s description and broaden your information about it by reading product reviews.

3. Weight

The bigger the bike, the heavier it is. This might not be always right. Nowadays, due to advanced technology, manufacturers have created bikes that are lighter despite its weight. Riding a lighter bike especially for kids will guarantee faster learning process and easy riding.

One of the most recommended started bikes is the Banana Balance Bike LT for kids. This bike was made to be lightweight; which makes it easy to use for smaller kids and easy for the parents to carry. It also has adjustable saddle to fit the right height for the user.  This bike is made to teach your children the basic step in riding a bicycle which is balance.

For more detailed information about this product, you can visit There, you will find detailed information about the bike as well as product reviews.

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