Smart Ways to Purchase the Best Floor Jack

One of the underrated yet essential and ubiquitous tools for car repair that you’ll find in every garage is the floor jack. Even though these tools aren’t mainly used to repair any car in the most technical or mechanical way, floor jacks are very useful when it terms of safety, keeping unfortunate pitfalls to happen when you are trying to fix something underneath the car.


If you are currently looking for the best floor jack sold in the market today and it is your first time to buy one, here are a few helpful tips:

Tip# 1: Know the different types of floor jacks

Before you could buy just any floor jack, make sure you know the different types of floor jacks to avoid confusion.

  • The hydraulic floor jack – One of the most recognizable floor jacks due to its convenience. Typically, these are designed with a trolley of 4 wheels and a cylinder that raises and lowers the floor jack’s lever arm. Also, it has a small platform that supports the car. The best thing about owning a hydraulic floor jack is its ability to support or lift your car off of the ground at a high height.
  • The scissor jack – These floor jacks are noticeably lightweight and easy to store, which makes it ideal for traveling and easy changing of tires. The scissor jack is designed with lead screws that helps compress the scissor linkage to help in elevating the car at the right height.
  • The bottle jack or the piston jack –These floor jacks are hydraulically operated; it is designed with concentric cylinders that help in providing firmness when you pump the lever. The best thing about this floor jack is its ability to become stable at non-leveled areas; however, these bottle jacks or the piston jacks are not ideal for low-leveled cars since it won’t fit underneath your car. Nevertheless, these floor jacks are very useful when lifting big cars or trucks.

    Tip #2: Consider the type and weight of your car

After you have identified the different types of floor jacks, your next step is to know whether the type of the car you have and its current weight is just right enough for a particular floor jack; for instance, if you own a hammer truck, the best floor jack that you should invest in is either the hydraulic floor jack or the piston jack since it can be leveled-up higher than the normal floor jacks.

Tip #3: Read reliable online posts and advice

One of the best ways to choose which floor jack you should choose is to get reliable recommendations, advice, and posts online from a reliable site – just like the Auto Aid Outlet at this website There are a lot of reliable floor jack reviews and advice that you can use to find the best floor jack.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right floor jack is not easy, especially when it is your first time to buy one. So, to ensure you are buying the best one, do not hesitate to read reliable posts like this.

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