Smart Sewing Tips on How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine for Leather

If you are currently planning to do some sewing projects that use leather, you need to invest a specific leather sewing machine. The sad truth about sewing is that not all would invest the right sewing machine due to the wrong presumption that the standard sewing machine can handle even the toughest sewing fabrics – this includes the leather.


To help you find the best sewing machine for leather use, here are some helpful tips for you:

1. Choose a heavy-duty metal-made leather sewing machine

What makes a sewing machine best is the quality of its creation; however, if you are dealing with mostly leather, it won’t be easy for any standard sewing machine to work on. The leather is one of the luxurious material and very difficult to work with. If you want to complete your leather project with precision and accuracy, choose a leather sewing machine housed in metal; primarily because, if you choose those machines housed in plastics, your machine would easily break down.

2. Determine the motor

The motor is one of the most important parts of any sewing machine, especially those that handle heavy-duty fabrics and other materials. Leather, as one of the tough and thick materials, needs a sewing machine with a clutch motor. However, the problem with a leather sewing machine with clutch motors is that it can generate a lot of noise.
If in any case you are working on lighter leathers, you may use a sewing machine with servo motors – this type is less noisy and flexible enough when it comes to sewing speed.

3. Determine the speed

One of the crucial factors to consider when purchasing a leather sewing machine is its speed.

Technically, heavy-duty sewing machines are designed with powerful motors and speeds that are in between 1000-5000 stitches per minute. If you are lucky enough to find a reliable sewing machine for leather that is designed with easy adjustable speed, you should choose it.

If you are working on heavy-duty materials you have to include balancing the actual weight of the material and the speed you need to use, largely because using the wrong speed of the sewing machine can cause your needles to break easily.

4. Choose a sewing machine that is easy to use

The notion of sewing is already difficult; do not make it more complex by choosing a leather sewing machine that is user-unfriendly. Before picking a leather sewing machine, try to read some honest reviews and check its consumer ratings.

Again, before picking the best leather sewing machine for you, do not hesitate to ask yourself if “this is the right one

5. Check-out the added features

There are machines with added key features that will make your sewing experience much easier and productive. So, before picking your first leather sewing machine, check out if it has added features like this:

•    Automatic buttonhole
•    Built-in stitches
•    Automatic needle threader
•    Walking foot attachment
•    Walking foot machines
•    Rolling presser foot attachment

Lastly, when picking the best leather sewing machine, you should also consider your budget.

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