Review of Best Raincoat for Your Hiking Backpack

Hiking and touring is the best way to spend your holidays by exploring the nature and finding comfort in lush green environment. In this busy world, hiking and touring are essential activities to relax and relieve stress of mind. While you are in mountains or hilly forests, the weather becomes un-predictable at most of times. Rains are expected every next day and you cannot take shelter each time. Hence you must have a good quality rain coat.


When we talk about raincoats, there are hundreds of varieties and price ranges in which raincoats are produced. Let us discuss one the most favorite rain coat for backpacking that a lot of people use for hiking.

Features of Marmot Precip raincoat:

Marmot precip is the most advanced and state of the art product that comes in various colors and sizes to fulfill your needs. Main features of this coat contains the followings:

1. Sizing:

This coat is offered in free sizing that is auto-adjustable and can be easily fitted to your body dimensions and protects you from getting wet even at heavy rainfalls.

2. Breathability:

Air passage is the most important aspect that should be considered before buying any raincoat since body need fresh air circulation to remain fit. Hence it is very healthy to maintain good airflow between raincoat and your clothes. Air tight rain coats are never recommended in long journeys and in raining seasons. Rain coat must also be not too much breathable as to leak its water. Hence proper balance must be maintained in order to get best results.

3. Water proofing:

Main reason for which you buy a rain coat is to protect you from rain and wet environment. If the coat is not properly water proof it will leak some water and its main purpose will not be fulfiller. Marmot precip provides you with complete peace of mind when it comes to water proofing since it comes with complete water proof coating to help you protect from rain water and moisture of rain forests.

4. Heat dissipation:

Heat is generated by human body that results in sweat if it is not dissipated into air. The formation of rain coat must be such that it dissipates the body heat into environment and keep your body temperature maintained even at harsh weather conditions.


Raincoats is not an accessory but a most important need without which your backpack is not completed. Especially when you are planning to go on a long tour, you must keep a good raincoat in your back pack. This will help you in harsh weather conditions such as rains and humid environments.

If you are in market to buy a good quality raincoat that covers all the essential dimensions and is also very affordable and cost effective, Marmot precept can be your best bet that provides you with peace of mind and you can enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities on a long journey without any worries from changing weather conditions on the way.

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