Practical Makeup Tips on How to Hide Large Pores

The larger the pores you have, the more obvious they are – and it is kind of irritating for most.


Large pores are mostly genetics, but it can be because of oily skin – when there is an excess production of sebum or oil, the oil stays mostly inside the skin’s pores, causing the pores to look enlarged. It is a fact that you can’t eliminate having large pores, but you can make them temporarily disappear. The trick of using makeup to hide large pores is a game-changer for most women who need it when they need it. So, here are some practical makeup tips on how to hide large pores:

#1: Choose the right makeup for your skin type

There are a lot of makeup kits today that you can choose from; however, when it comes to buying your own set, you have to choose something that suits your skin type, which is the best makeup for large pores.

#2: Start everything with skin prep

The very first thing you need to do before applying makeup is to prepare your skin. Wash your face with the right cleanser that will help the pores get cleaned and unclogged from excess oil and dirt. After washing your face, you have to apply light and hydrating moisturizer – ideal skincare ritual for individuals who are always complaining about having oily skin, large pores, and prone to acne.

After the first part of skin prep, you must not forget to treat your face with a serum; this will keep your skin tone to look even by reducing skin discoloration and dark spots.

#3: Follow up with a moisturizer

Applying moisturizer before makeup won’t just hydrate your skin but it serves as protection – a moisture barrier against some harsh contents of makeup. Plus, a well-moisturized skin makes a great canvas.

#4: Use a primer

Primers are a big help; it is applied to smoothen the wrinkles, fine lines, and to fill in large pores. It can be in the form of cream or lotion. It is usually applied as a base foundation before makeup and works effectively in creating a smooth canvas for the foundation.

#5: Apply the right foundation

After the primer, you can now apply the foundation; however, not just any foundation, it has to match your skin type. Ideally, for individuals with large pores, you should look for a foundation that is formulated with oil-controlling properties – this is to minimize the appearance of the pores, as well as, help blur the blemishes and keep the skin looking refined.

When it comes to foundation shade, you have to figure out and understand your undertone. Check if you fall in these three categories:

  • If the veins in your wrist look blue to purple, your skin is cool-toned.
  • If the veins in your wrist look green to blue-green, your skin is warm-toned.
  • If you can’t identify the color of the wrist in your veins that means your skin tone is neutral.

Additionally, you should remember that when you apply foundation, you have to press and buff it and try not to brush it; the latter will only emphasize your pores. You may use a full and dense foundation brush or an egg-shaped sponge.

#6: Apply some concealer

Once the primer and the foundation were flawlessly been applied, your next step is to conceal some extra flaws by using a concealer.

#7: Follow up with a translucent powder

After the concealer, you may apply translucent powder to keep your makeup last long.

Finally, you may now add other cosmetics to make yourself beautiful; however, do not forget to wash your makeup before sleeping.

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