Nespresso VS Keurig: What’s Better

Nespresso VS Keurig: What’s better?

I bet you probably like me, are accustomed to the usual morning routine that involves, opening your eyes, stumbling into the kitchen, getting your regular jolt of caffeinated drink and facing the day. This is what makes your cuppa to simply be that morning non-negotiable thing, well at least for me. So it doesn’t come as a surprise for home brewers’ especially single cup to have become an all American obsession, probably next to NBA or NFL. This is because they feed our addictions at such a high speed that can make Hussein Bolt feel like a sloth.

Oh! And let’s not forget the convenience, these home brewers just make it all so easy you could literally make your cuppa with your eyes closed. That being said as you probably know by now the two kings of coffee brewers, Nespresso VS Keurig: What’s Better. Want to know? Grab yourself a cuppa and Keep reading.

Nespresso VS Keurig

Now, which one would you prefer that is if you even need one? Keurig already had an early lead as the champ thanks to flavours from big league brands such as superstar Starbucks and don’t mess with me Dunkin Donuts which did an awesome job in luring in American coffee drinkers. Now, there is a new beauty in America, and that girl so happens to be Europe’s finest Nespresso that is well on the way to dethroning the ringleader thanks to its new machine the VertuoLine. Now that you got the introductions, let the match begin.


When you talk about convenience the Keurig especially the 2.0 series tops as it is way easy to operate with a near instant sort of gratification. All you need to do is pop in that K-Cup, choose preferred cup size, and let it flow, (by this I mean hot water) through. Unlike its predecessors, the K450 is bought with four-cups convenient if you happen to have that impromptu early morning visitor or visitors and yes it happens especially for single guys if you get my drift ;). In variety, Keurig wins, hands down as the list of drinks you can use it to make is endless well maybe a little above 250 varieties and 40 coffee brands not forgetting to mention that hot chocolate, a spicy apple cider, Vitamin Burst (not all just Acai Berry), and goes the extra mile with different sorts of iced drinks (I told you the list is endless). And it seems like Keurig doesn’t know just when or how to stop as they have partnered with Campbell’s meaning soups are on the menu. Don’t ask me I know it’s weird but let’s focus here, we are talking about coffee.

So what does it taste like? To coffee aficionados, Keurig’s beverages come short of tasting like “raw” coffee and a bit time consuming to brew. But in its defence, compared to those flavoured drinks you get from that coffee shop you frequent, I must say they come pretty close. In the looks department, I have one word for The Keurig ‘IMPOSING’.


Now we get to European favorite the Nespresso also the Apple of coffee brewers thanks to its stylize and chrome design as well as upscale feel like Apple. It is also a single brand as they make both capsules and machines as opposed to Keurig which to be fair is referred to as the Microsoft of coffee. Nespresso’s coffee seems to only cater to Europeans having a few selection of java grade coffee (Talk about being a snob). In the taste department, I must admit it wins as their coffee is rich and strong.

Well, probably by know you know my favorite and it’s not just because am an American but because of what tops Keurig and that is its excitement thanks to their unmatched variety as opposed to snobbish Nespresso.

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