Morticians At A Dead End!


Morticians At A Dead End!

The ritual or ceremony of death has taken the shape of many different practices throughout the course of history. Some cultures and people believe in cremation while others prefer a burial. What people don’t realize many times is the actual cost of the services to cremate or bury a passed away relative or loved one. You’re probably overcome by grief, sadness, or stress at the time you sign the check that you don’t realize the other options that exist. There’s a growing movement to ban professional burial services and, instead, put the responsibility on to the family instead. This allows for a more personal burial which can lead to better feelings of acceptance and the feeling of moving on as well as being much cheaper. To say the least, this is giving a lot of challenges to morticians.

However, this would lead to a massive road block for the many morticians around the US. Morticians are responsible for arranging the exact details of the burial, casket, and funeral with the family of the one who has passed. Not all of a morticians job has to do with touching dead bodies; there is a lot of paperwork that goes along with being a mortician. However, they do prepare the body for a potential open casket. For more information on a mortician’s job profile, visit this site. In case you were wondering, morticians who get paid fairly well. They don’t work long, stressful, and extensive hours; this is why the hourly wage of the top paying industries is usually around $70.00 with a salary of over $100,000. However, this is highly dependent on location as an average salary for a mortician would be around $35,000-$55,000. For more information on a mortician’s salary, check this out.

Families are already starting to begin their personal burial services. The story of Caroline Kirk is a perfect example of this. Caroline was diagnosed with a terminal disease as an infant and lived through a breathing and feeding tube throughout her 9 years of life. Her parents knew it was only a matter of time before she passed, and when she did, her parents felt that the ones who took care of her should be the ones to bury her and see her for the last time. Rather than the typical embalming methods used by morticians, Caroline’s parents wrapped her in a snug blanket and put her on ice before burying her themselves. This saved them thousands of dollars as well as gave them peace in her death. This may sound like an unorthodox practice, but at heart, it’s a very traditional method that many families are changing to all around the world.

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