Men’s Fashion Guide: How to Wear Khaki Pants

When men are asked what they usually wear for casual, most would respond denim.

Denim is a popular casual wear for men. It is more comfortable, easy to wear, and almost match with everything. For a guy, who is not big on fashion, wearing denim is certainly a great lifesaver.


Though denim is versatile, wearing the same material over again can get boring. If you want to explore other styles, the best alternative to denim is khaki.

Khaki is as versatile as denim. Likewise, it is comfortable to wear and never out of season. Sadly, khaki has become linked with many unfortunate associations. For example, khaki mostly reminds you of a school uniform or an office wear. With this, the material has become less and less popular in the past years.

This year khakis are going back with a better look. Recent releases of khaki pants are more stylish. If you are searching for a pair of pants that are handsome and functional, khaki is in the house.

How to Wear Khaki Pants

The secret of looking handsome and fashionable in khaki is choosing the right top to go with it. Moreover, you have to pick the right pants as well to guarantee good results. You can even check out tips for choosing the best khaki pants through online sources.

If you want to try this style, below are some tips to help you figure on how to wear khaki pants.

#1 Fit 

Forget about baggy khakis; now is the time for form-fitting styles.

Choose khaki pants with a flat front, straight leg, and a bit of taper from the thigh to ankle. This style is more modern and usually seen in fashion trends. Though it is form-fitting, make sure to choose a pair of pants with enough room to move and comfortable.

#2 Broken-in Look

Today, broken-in styles such as wear and tear, scars, and frayings on the cuffs have become a trend in fashion. There are khaki pants with this type of style as well. However, the broken-in look is only ideal for casual wear. If you are wearing khakis for a professional setting, make sure it is sharp and crisp.

#3 Survey Other Materials

Khakis come in various types of materials. The classic khaki slack is the best choice for professional use. Meanwhile, there is the khaki denim for daily and casual wear.

#4 Choose the Right Top

When choosing a top for khaki pants, select a style that matches the look you are trying to pull off.

For instance, wear a crisp dress shirt with a jacket over for a more formal look. Also, you can partner khaki with casual t-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeved shirts, and many more for a more casual appearance.

#5 Go Bold with Colors

Traditionally, a person must pair flat colors with khakis. But it can also go well with other colors. The trick is choosing the right accessory to provide a contrast, especially when wearing brighter colors. Thus, if you want to wear a dark blue top with khaki pants, choose an accessory like a belt, vest, or tie to coordinate the outfit.

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