Medical Professions On The Rise

Medical Professions On The Rise

Many of us can’t stand the site of our own blood let alone the blood of someone else, but if you’re a phlebotomist then you better get used to it. A phlebotomist specializes in blood, more specifically, the sampling of it and the extraction of it. Have you given blood before? Chances are phlebotomists were the ones that collected your blood. However, the responsibilities of a phlebotomist go far behind sticking a needle in someone’s arm. If you have given blood before or know someone who has, then you could guess that collecting someone’s blood is actually very difficult. Not everyone has the same vein position and you must have very precise accuracy to get the vein the first time. Now if you’re like me, even talking about this makes me squeamish, luckily there are parts of a phlebotomists day-to-day life that doesn’t always involve needles.

Technology is a big part of a phlebotomists life as they utilize the most modern, cutting-edge technology in order to calculate the integrity of their blood samples. A keen eye to detail is needed in order to be a phlebotomist as they also take on the role of identifying and labeling each sample. If you mix up the labels, the potential consequences drastically vary in severity. If you are interested in being a phlebotomist, then you are going to be looking at a salary of around $40,000 if you’re luckily. If you’re below the median then you will probably be making about $25,000-$30,000. For more information on phlebotomy and a phlebotomists salary, take a look at this site.

If you want a job in the medical field but don’t want to do anything with blood, then perhaps you should take a look at being an ultrasound technician. This is one of the best jobs to be pursuing because the outlook is far beyond that of many other jobs, not just medical. It’s hard to say why ultrasound technicians are, and will be, in such high demand, but you could make the guess it has to do with the advancing technology. The technology is getting so complex and futuristic that many past-generation workers are unable to keep up with it; this makes young, up-and-coming, workers a much more viable option. Chances are if you go to an accredited school to pursue being an ultrasound technician, you will get a job and be very happy making up to $80,000 a year. For more information on ultrasound technicians and your potential salary, visit this wonderful site.

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