Is Nursing Your True Calling?

Is Nursing Your True Calling?

If you are like many aspiring medical professionals, then a position in nursing is probably what you are looking at getting into. There are many different types of nurses, each with their own responsibilities and duties, but two nursing positions that are easily the most rewarding are neonatal nurses and nurse anesthetists. They have very similar duties, but there are some specifics that vary greatly.

If you have a desire to work newborn babies, then being a neonatal nurse could very well be your calling. As a neonatal nurse you care for newborns that are diagnosed with medical complications after their birth. You may be wondering how to become a neonatal nurse. In order to be a licensed neonatal nurse you must first obtain a Bachelor’s in a science degree at either a university or a college nursing program. Many nurses say that the nursing program is a fantastic way to learn specifics, but because of the cost of tuition, many opt out and go to a university instead. Either way, you are destined to receive the proper education. After schooling, you can expect to take on clinical training at a medical facility. This means working side-by-side with other nurses as they take you through what you need to be able to do in order to become a neonatal nurse. Another option you can seek out is working at a pediatrician’s office. This would look great on a resume, even if you just went part time or even volunteered. For more information on the path to becoming a neonatal nurse, take a look at this site.

If neonatal nursing doesn’t interest you, then maybe you should look at being a nurse anesthetist. Nurse anesthetists are known to have one of the most rewarding jobs in the medical field. An article on Chron goes into detail and describes that the mix of excellence, professional respect, earnings, and outlook make being a nurse anesthetist a very rewarding job.

Nurse anesthetists are in charge of controlling their patients’ pain levels. This means giving patients the right amount of drugs; too little and the patient will be uncomfortable and in pain, but too much and the results could be devastating. You must know any specific allergies that the patient has as well as monitor the patient’s reaction to the drugs. Nurse anesthetists have a high level of professional respect because of their position in the medical facility. It’s safe to say that they make everyone’s jobs way easier as dealing with a patient complaining of pain can be very inconvenient for anyone. Of course, one of the best aspects of being a nurse anesthetist is their earning potential. Even a starting out position, the low end of the spectrum, can be near the $100,000 mark while more experience anesthetists can make up to $200,000 and above. If you are interested in being a nurse anesthetist, then I suggest taking a look at this site.

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