Induction Cookware: How to Tell if it is Induction Ready

Induction cooking is completely different from the classic cooking that everyone is used to; which is why looking for the right cookware that will work on an induction burner or cooktop can be confusing. So, how would you know that the cookware is compatible with your induction?


If you are planning to convert to induction cooking, you better know how to how to tell if the cookware is induction ready.

What is induction cooking and how does it work?

Instead of getting flames from gas-based stoves or direct thermal conduction from electric stoves, induction cooking gets direct heat from a cooking vessel through electromagnetic induction. However, for the induction cooktop or burner to work, you have to find an induction cookware to create an electromagnetic field between the top and the cookware to produce heat.

In order for your induction cooking to work, here are the types of cookware that may and may not work with induction cooktops:

Types of cookware that will work on induction cooktops:

•    Cast iron
•    Enamel cast iron
•    Steel
•     Stainless steel pans and pots with a magnetized base

Types of cookware that won’t work on induction cooktops:

•    Glass cookware
•    Aluminum
•    All-copper

How to tell if your cookware works with the induction cooktop?

Place a magnet on the base of your pan; if it securely clasps on the base, the cookware is induction ready. However, if the magnet lightly clings on the base of the pan, chances are, it won’t work on any induction cooktops. Also, if there is no pull between the magnet and the cookware, the cookware does not contain the right metallic content that can be used on induction cooktops.

Anyway, most companies have been adding a “horizontal zig-zag sign or a coil” to indicate that the cookware and pots are induction ready. However, if you do not see any symbol, you can always use the trick, as mentioned.

Can induction cookware be used on gas or electric stoves?

This question is often raised by several new induction cookware and cooktop users; the answer is yes. Even though some think that using induction cookware on gas and electric stoves is not a conventional thing to do, it is still a fact that these types of cookware can withstand direct flames and can work on electric stoves too.

One of the biggest advantages of using induction cookware is its versatility; it can be used in all forms of cooking devices and elements. However, it is essential to find the right cookware that will efficiently work on induction cooktops, gas stoves, or electric stoves; all you need to do is read about the best pots and pans for gas stove and other cooking devices at a reliable source like this.

Final Thoughts

Induction cooking is a new and innovative form of cooking;

•    It is safe to use
•    It is easy to use
•    Faster cooking due to direct heat
•    You won’t have to spend too much time cleaning the top

One of the best things about induction cooking, induction cookware is versatile.

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