How to Know the Type of Pressure Washer You Need

You must have been wondering which type of pressure washer you need and how to choose that particular one that fits your needs. Before I tell you how to know exactly which one you would need for your needs I would ask some few fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself before jumping to a conclusion. Do you need a machine that can handle light, medium, heavy or extra heavy duty? If you are looking to purchase or rent a pressure washing equipment for use at on, then this is a site you need to see. This site will give you much more information on different types of pressure washing machine and what type to choose from as per your need. It will give you information on the language of water as different equipment handles variety level of cleaning power. Have a look at some different 2700 PSI pressure washers here.



This is a very great machine when it comes to smaller projects. They have less power when compared to gas pressure washers which makes them less expensive and more portable. It requires very less maintenance and produces less noise when running for around 78 decibels with no exhaust emissions. It is sizable, a character that allows it to be stored indoors without winterizing.


 They are the kind of machine that packs more power. They have higher psi compared to the electric models. They are producing more noise while running, of about 85 decibels.

PSI, or Pounds per Square Inch

It tells the amount of force that will be during the cleaning process.The higher the PSI the greater the cleaning power and the greater the potential for damaging your property.

For the best experience, you should never choose pressure washers with the highest PSI settings. A model with a range of suitable settings for the task you need to be done is the best you will ever opt for. For home use, I would prefer a high end of 2,250 PSI.

GPM/Gallons per Minute

Gallon per minute measures the volume of water delivered per minute through the pressure washer. You can never judge a model at first glance as far as GPM is concerned; a model with the lower GPM is less efficient and less desirable. The higher the GPM the less time it will take to complete the desired amount of work.

 CPU/Cleaning Power Unit

The cleaning power of a pressure washer is determined by multiplying PSI by GPM. This can be of great help when choosing a machine for your pressure washing needs. It is very important to know how effective a pressure machine is when it comes to doing a given work. It is also known as an Effective cleaning unit. If the CPU is high, you will have a better probability of investing in a pressure washer that is efficient and successful.

Another alternative to save you from this hustle is to such for trained and experienced cleaners who will clean your home without harming your property.

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