How to determine your draw length for archery

If you love to engage in Archery which is a great sport that involves the practicing on how to shoot with a bow and arrows, you can ensure that you have fun and enjoy the game by learning how to draw a length. Before you even learn how to draw distance, there are some essential questions that you need to ask yourself and through answering them, that is where you get to determine the appropriate draw length. First off, you need to ask yourself what is the draw length, how it is done and also how sure are you about it. Through this, it will be comfortable and be easy to make your draw length with ease. You should be cautious when using the different measuring methods to make sure that you get the best measurements at the end.

Therefore this is how you determine your DRAW LENGTH FOR ARCHERY.

Wingspan measure divide by 2.5.

This is the most popular method used by the majority of archeries in determining their draw length. It is quite simple to decide on your draw length using this method but to get the right results you need to do it right. Make sure you have someone with you so they can help you take the measurements.

The process.

Stand straight with your legs apart and then extend your hands on both sides. Make sure to spread the hands from end to end and do not do it in a way that the hands curve to the backside. Then ask the person with you to take the measurements of the distance between the two sides starting from one fingertip to the other one. The measurements got should then be divided by 2.5 to get the required draw length.

Wingspan-15 divides by 2.5.

This method works just the first one although the measurements you get from your wing measurements are subtracted and divided as well. Stand still and extend your hands just like in the first procedure. Then have someone to take measures of the sides from one end to the other. From the total measurements, you get, subtract 15 and then divide the total with 2.5 to get your draw length.

The buttons to base method.

In this method, one is required to measure from the center of the chest to the wrist joint of the hand. It is also referred to as button to base measuring since one has to measure from the position of the button on the shirt to the area below the palm. So, stand straight and extend your hands as usual. Then the person taking the measurement should start on the button area towards the wrist joint also referred to as hand base.

Fist to mouth.

This is also referred to as draw length measure. This measure is better done when you are near a block or even on the wall of the house. So, stand near the wall and assume that you are shooting with the bow. Then make sure to make a full draw of the imaginary bow. Have someone measure the draw made.


If you are looking for the most efficient method to use to determine the perfect draw for your archery, consider using the above four tested and verified measuring means. The results you get should range from 30 to 31 points.

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