How to apply beard oil

Having grown a beard, you have to do a lot as far as the maintenance is concerned if you want to look good. One of the key factors to the maintenance of your beard is ensuring that you use beard oil since it does a lot while nourishing both your facial hair and the skin beneath it. Using beard oil has lots of gains which range from eliminating itchiness and preventing dandruff, to making your beard easier to style. The end result of using the oil is that your beard will look more attractive by the day. With beard oil, you can finally achieve a celebrity-like appearance that will turn many heads and have many men come to you for advice on how to take care of their bear so that it looks like yours. Once you’ve bought the beard oil, you’ll want to start using it as soon as possible, but there are some tips you need to have in mind before you start using your oil. There is a certain way to apply oil on your beard to make it look outstanding, so let’s look more into that or click here for more info

How much oil should you use?

What you need to do once you have your beard oil is pour it in your hand, spread it out and then apply it to your bear. That’s quite simple, right? It’s not that simple, though. Applying beard oil shouldn’t involve any guesswork, especially when it comes to determining how much beard oil you need to use for best results. To be more specific, your beard’s thickness and length are what determines how much oil you should use, as outlined below:

  1. From the time a beard starts to grow, up to 1 month, use 3 to 4 drops of oil.
  2. From 1 to 3 months of growing, use 4 to 6 drops
  3. After 3 to 12 months, apply 6 to 10 drops
  4. After one year, you can use 10 or more drops of oil.

At times you may have to find the right amount for your beard through trial and error, but ensure that you don’t apply too much of it to avoid unwanted results. The number of times you apply oil on your beard will depend on factors such as the climate of your area, and several other factors such as the distribution of your activities throughout the day. After knowing that, the next thing is knowing how to apply beard oil for best results.

Applying oil on your beard

Tip 1. Once you’ve taken a shower and dried your bead gently with a towel, pour the right amount of oil and spread it on your palms and fingers, while making sure that it’s evenly spread.
Tip 2. Try as much as you can first to apply the oil to the skin after which you should spread it to the beard slowly. That will ensure that the roots of your beard stay healthy and strong.
Tip 3. Distribute the oil in your beard evenly, by applying it with and across the grain of your beard.
Tip 4. Move your palms along the front and sides of your beard, as if brushing through it.
Tip 5. Move the palms through the entire bottom of your beard to make sure that the oil is spread out evenly.
Tip 6. Using your fingertips, coat the mustache hairs with oil, to ensure that they aren’t left out.
Tip 7. Once you’re done with the application process, comb the beard with a quality beard comb.

Summing it up

The above-listed tips are what you should follow as you apply oil on your beard for best results. Proper application of beard oil while ensuring that you use the right amounts will play a huge part in ensuring that the results are perfect.

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