Hair Loss Facts: Understanding its Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

A beautiful and healthy hair is an indication of good health. Moreover, having healthy hair boosts a person’s self-esteem resulting in better performance at work and confidence in meeting new people. That is the reason that drives most individuals to improve hair health and avoid hair problems such as alopecia areata.


Many among the male and female population are suffering from alopecia areata otherwise known as pattern baldness. Hair loss is apparent in adults aging 40 and above. But beside from age, there are several factors that may increase the risk of hair loss. Here are some important facts you must about hair loss.

Hair Loss Symptoms 

In normal condition, a person sheds at least 50 to a hundred hair strands per day when wet. But in some cases, there are several individuals that experience hair falls out more than the normal condition. If you are shedding hair excessively despite being dry, there’s a great chance that you are having hair loss.

Hair loss happens subtly. Some people do not even notice it at first unless they see a small bald patch on their head or when they get clumps of hair when combing. Hair loss is not a chronic condition. As a matter of fact, it is an indicative of an underlying medical condition. Inasmuch, there are other reasons behind hair loss. Learn more about this down below.

Hair Loss Causes

Not all are aware of hair causes. You might be surprised that your lifestyle is one cause why you are suffering from this condition. Here are some of the primary reasons behind hair loss.

  1.    Hereditary-Does your family members have a bald head? Or one or two of your relatives have hair loss at a particular age? If yes; it is one of the reasons why you have hair loss. This condition is called androgenic or androgenetic alopecia. A hair loss condition caused by genes passed down from the family.
  2.    Hormonal Imbalance-There are several situations that can trigger hormonal imbalance. These are pregnancy, stress, anxiety and high levels of testosterone. Hair loss due to these factors is remedied by balancing out the hormones by taking supplements or medications from medical professionals.
  3.    Protein Deficiency-The hair also requires protein to grow. A low-protein diet is another huge factor that increases the risk of hair loss. Thus, make sure to eat high protein meals to bring back your hair. In addition, reduce the intake of vitamin A. Too much of this vitamin can lead to excessive hair fall.

Hair Loss Treatment

There are a wide variety of methods to bring back your beautiful hair. But among these options, the best way to grow hair is to use real home remedies for hair growth. This solution to hair loss is guaranteed safe and effective. Likewise, it is affordable and easy to find. Here are the best natural home remedies for hair growth that you should use.

1. Onion
2. Lemons
3.  Apple Cider Vinegar
4.  Coconut milk
5.   Green Tea

Hair loss can’t be permanent, only if you take action on it. For more details on natural hair treatment solutions, go here to this source.

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