Factors Make Clothes to Get Wrinkles

Most people are baffled by the idea of clothes getting wrinkled. In most cases, you will only notice that your favorite shirt or dress is wrinkled right after you come out of the shower. However, naturally, fabrics get wrinkles and learning to avoid them is a major hack that will be of great benefit to your clothes.


You might have carefully packed your luggage for a trip only to get there and most, if not all your clothes are wrinkled. You might not have known, but you might just have been the one that caused the clothes to be that way. Proper packing of clothes in a suitcase of luggage is vital in deciding their condition when you want to wear them.

The fabric is bound to get wrinkled if it is exposed to moisture and heat. Yes! These are the agents of wrinkles as well as they can be used to get rid of the wrinkles they caused. If you examine any of your clothes, you will notice that they get wrinkles just after you wash them and put them aside in your suitcase or luggage.

From the above, you can easily come to the conclusion that when a fabric is exposed to water or even moisture, it folds. These folds can happen repeatedly, some even make a pattern that is not so pleasant on your clothes. When heat sets in, it makes these folds permanent, and this is what you have as wrinkles on your dry cloth.

However, some clothes are more bound to show wrinkles than others, you might have noticed. This is merely because of the type of fabric used in its manufacture. An organic cotton shirt compared to a polyester dress will most of the types sprout wrinkles. This is because clothes made from natural fabric are quite more prone to wrinkles than the opposite type.

Clothes made from cotton, rayon, and linen are more bound to be wrinkled as they are fabrics that are highly absorbent. Others like polyester, nylon, and acrylic are not quite as absorbent and thus do not wrinkle easily. This means that they are wrinkle resistant and if you carry them for a trip, they are less likely to be wrinkled.

This is the basis of the reasoning that these different types of clothes have to be kept differently in your suitcase. The best way to get it in your luggage while avoiding causing wrinkles when you need them is folding some types of fabric and rolling others. That is why when going for a trip it is recommended that you carry more wrinkle resistant clothing if you can.

You can get rid of wrinkles from your clothes by using heat and moisture, which funnily enough are the causatives of wrinkles. You can use a steamer, an iron box or even a wet towel to get the job done and you will realize the same results in the end. On the other hand, when packing for a trip, make sure to place the clothes carefully to avoid increasing more wrinkles.

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