Everything You Should Know about Nvrs and Dvrs

We live in a world in which people don’t feel secure anymore, not at home and not at the office. These are the conditions in which the industry selling security cameras has experienced a huge growth in the past couple of decades. The offer now available on the market is highly diverse, which is why many people who are shopping for a security camera feel completely confused and overwhelmed. If you find yourself in the description, please check out the differences between the two main types of security cameras: NVRs and DVRs. By learning more on this topic, it will become much easier to understand whether a DVR or a NVR system better matches your needs. They both represent a good investment as long as they meet certain conditions, which is why checking out the differences between the two is so important. Here are a few details around some of the most important features of DVR and NVR systems.


  • Is compatible with analog cameras. It represents a great choice especially if you already have older, CCTV cameras. The DVR system will be compatible with them and you’ll save a lot of money by using old cameras and not buying new ones.
  • It uses coaxial cables. This can be a disadvantage, given the fact that coaxial cables don’t provide power to the camera. Another disadvantage could be represented by the fact that the coaxial cable is quite rigid so installing it can be a challenge.
  • A DVR system is less flexible than a NVR system when it comes to mounting options and camera type.
  • When it comes to image and audio, the DVR is a system that basically processes images at the recorder level. The cameras will transmit signal to the recorder through the coax cable, resulting a quite poor image quality. Compared to the image quality given by the NVR, it is certainly inferior.


  • NVR is only compatible with IP cameras. This means that if you already have some older CCTV cameras that you plan to use, then the NVR is not a wise choice.
  • In terms of cable, NVR works through Ethernet. What is great about this type of cable is that it provides power to the camera, so the risk of messing splitters is out of the question.
  • The recorder does not play a very important role in NVR systems. It is used just for storing and for viewing the footage.
  • NVR systems are very flexible thanks to the fact that the camera doesn’t have to be physically connected directly to the recorder.
  • The image and the audio are of a top quality.

I know that it is a lot of information but you will want to read this in order to make an informed purchase. As already mentioned, the selection available on the market is highly diverse so it is complicated for those who don’t really know much about security camera systems to wisely spend their money. Luckily, companies such as Phenom Security will give an amazing helping hand.

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