Effective Facial Care: How to Use Facial Spray the Mario Badescu Way

Mario Bedascu facial spray had been around for years, helping several women to have an enhanced facial complexion. In fact, there had been several positive reviews about this product from YouTube vloggers, makeup artists, and even the celebrities due to its several beauty benefits.


The Mario Bedascu facial spray is a mixture of quality and natural ingredients such as Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Rosa Canina Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, Gardenia Florida fruit extract, and other safe ingredients. Also, the facial spray is formulated with the fragrance of aloe and rosewater.

Mario Bedascu facial spray beauty benefits:
•    It helps hydrate the dry skin
•    Helps set your makeup
•    Refreshes the dry skin
•    It gives a radiant and dewy finish
•    Tones and invigorates the tired skin

If you are new to facial spray, here are some helpful tips on how to use facial spray the Mario Badescu Way:

Tip #1: Check if you are allowed to use it 

Everyone have different skin types; if you are sensitive to several cosmetic products, you have to take a skin test before using the Mario Badescu facial spray. All you need to do is take a small amount and test it at any parts of your face or you can try it at the back of your ears. Although there is less to no claimed side-effects, if you have experienced redness and itchiness at the tested area, stop using it. If you want to know how effective the product is, you may check this review of the Mario Badescu facial spray.

Tip #2: Boosting hydration

If you want to make most out of the Mario Badescu facial spray you have to boost the hydration by spraying the product to your face evenly; this will help cleanse and tone the skin. Then, you may follow it with your usual day cream/moisturizer or night cream.

Tip #3: Use Mario Badescu facial spray as your finishing touch

To have vibrant and natural dewy look, use the facial spray as your finishing touch after applying your makeup.

Tip #4: Keep the spray handy

Due to the changing weather and environment, there are several factors that can make you look haggard during the midday. So, to be prepared in all beauty situations, keep the spray handy to refresh your facial skin throughout the day.

Tip #5: Use the spray before applying any facial mask

One of the effective ways to hydrate and invigorate the facial skin is by using moisturizing or cleansing facial mask; if you want to have a glowing facial skin, try spraying some of the Mario Badescu facial sprays before and after applying your moisturizing and cleansing facial mask. According to the beauty gurus, by doing this procedure, you are preparing your facial skin from skin tugging or pulling once the mask is removed. Also, facial skin spray can reduce skin irritation after applying the facial mask.

Final Thoughts

The Mario Badescu facial spray is one of the trusted beauty products that had helped thousands of women throughout the years; so, if you want a healthy and glowing facial skin, you should really try this product.

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