Dental Professionals Are Smiling Ear To Ear!

Dental Professionals Are Smiling Ear To Ear!

The field of dentistry doesn’t seem like the field to interest the masses, but the fact that so many people are finding themselves with a career as a dental professional shows that it is one of the best jobs out there. So what about being a dental professional is so great? It could be patient interaction, or perhaps the relaxed environment at the dental office. Whatever it is, it makes dental professionals smile from ear to ear because they know the have one of the best jobs available.

If you are interested in the dental field, you should find out whether being a dental assistant or a dental hygienist would appeal more to you. While they both must have a profound knowledge of dentistry, their exact roles in the dental office range greatly. For one, a dental assistant is given the responsibility of meeting with the patient making sure he/she is feeling comfortable. Getting rid of any form of anxiety the patient may have is a key role in making sure it’s a successful visit. Also, dental assistants are in charge of sterilizing equipment. This means they must have knowledge over inventory as well as be up to the task to do anything in order to ensure a smooth dental practice.

If you want to be a dental assistant, you can plan on making around $35,000 a year while working regular business hours. With that said, most assistants find being a dental assistant provides a great amount of job security. The industry is expected to grow 25% within the next decade, so that means there will be a spot open for you! Please visit this site for more information on just how much money you can make as a dental assistant.

Dental hygienists have a bit different job description than that of an assistant. Hygienists are the ones in charge of doing the actual dental work. Most of the procedures hygienists do have to do with cleaning, filling cavities, and such. They also must be able to examine patients too; this means a great deal of problem solving is used as well as a keen eye for detail. As a dental hygienist you can plan to make around $50,000 depending on where you live. If you stick with it, you could be making upwards to around $90,000.

As you may have expected, the job outlook for dental hygienists is also expected to grow exponentially. This has to do with the fact that hygienists rely on their assistants. Most of the time you can not hire new hygienists without hiring new assistants as well. Part of this is because of the fantastic salary and the relaxed atmosphere. In the dental office it’s all about feeling comfortable and getting rid of anxiety. This article on CFNC goes into further description why and how dental assistants are in great demand.

Dental Professionals Are Smiling Ear To Ear! Credit Picture License: U.S. Army South via photopin cc

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