Commercially Available Mouse Food

Mice are mammals that can survive in almost every condition. They are highly adaptive and they can eat almost anything that has even a very small nutritional value. Their immense sense to smell and high sniffing power makes them able to track down their food that is located at very difficult and faraway places that cannot be found easily.


There are many traditional and modern baits that are used to trap a mouse or a rodent let’s find out the best bait for mousetraps

Commercially Available Mouse Food

Some species of mouse are also kept as pets in some houses such as white mouse. Hence you can easily find a lot of stuff that is related to mouse and rodents at your nearest commercial store. Most of this food is in form of pellets and very easy to put at a mouse trap. Since these pellets are formulated in such a way as to attract mouse and rodents hence they have aroma and nutritional value attached to them to attract these mammals.

If a starry mouse is living at your home it must have habit of eating scraped food that is left over as junk for dustbins. This food has not got such appeal as cheese or chocolate. Let’s discuss some of the commercially available food that you can find in market to trap mice.

1. Sugar Cubes:

These cubes are considered as a rich source of food since they have high calorie value and are very attractive too because of sweet aroma that attracts every mammal towards it. Once trap is activated you need to replace those cubes to make them more effective and long lasting. If the cube is placed for long, you just have to rub its surface a little to detach any dust accumulated at its surface and make it look more shinny and appealing.

2. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is considered as more classic bait since it has been used since long time to trap mice and rodents. It has a strong pungent smell that lasts very long and attracts sniffing noses of mice towards it very easily and it improves and increases your chances of catching a mice. Moreover it has such texture that mice cannot simply take a bite or grab and run away. It gives trap some time to get activated easily.

It has very long life and cannot get rotten easily, hence it is very effective bait and is used from very long time.

Final Verdict:

Catching a mouse can be very tricky at times but you can increase your chances if you apply your mind and use such food as a bait that can be effective. An efficient bait has following characteristics:

  • It must have strong aroma
  • Bait should be easily accessible at open places.
  • It must have long life and good nutritional value to attract sniffers.
  • It must be preserved food or dried food source to increase its catching life and can be effective as a bait to catch a mouse or a rodent.

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