Choosing the Right Mattress: Top Mattresses Designed for Every Kind of Sleeper

Is it your first time to replace your current mattress?

Are you having a hard time choosing the right mattress for you?

Visiting shops and stores just to find the right mattress can be tiresome and confusing at the same time.


If you are looking for the right mattress, you should start finding out which type of sleeping position you are comfortable. Here are a few types of mattresses that are designed specifically for a particular sleeper:

  • The back sleepers

Do you easily fall asleep when sleeping on your back? If you are, you should look for a mattress that can support your entire weight, head, spine, and the neck. According to the experts, the ideal mattress for back sleepers is the memory foam mattress; this type is designed with the right firmness to provide full-body support. Also, memory foam mattresses are high-density foams that are designed to contour the body to provide not only comfort but also to provide the right heat, especially for cold sleepers.

Another ideal mattress for back sleepers is the latex mattress; it gives the sleeper a soft bed to sleep in but provides a firm surface that can support the entire body.

However, if you want something the combination of memory and latex mattress but without the heat-trapping chemicals found in memory foams, consider Nolah mattress. That is not all, the exceptional mattress is affordable but you can save more if you purchase it online with coupons, which you can check at this site .

  • The side sleepers

The side sleepers are those who feel comfortable sleeping on one side with the arms and the legs placed straight out in front. The ideal mattresses for side sleepers are those that are made much softer than the memory foam; since the pressure are placed on one side of the body, you have to find a softer mattress that can support the pressure placed at one shoulder and the hip. These mattresses are often referred to as “plush” mattress, which can be classified as:

o    Extra soft – Gives you the “sinking in” to the bed feeling.
o    Soft – Not quite plush, but gives you the almost “sinking in” to the bed feeling.
o    Medium – Less plush, but still soft.
o    The firm – Hard mattress but less soft.

  • The fetal sleepers

Majority of the population are fetal sleepers – this is according to the experts. The fetal sleepers are sleeping on their side and curled up almost similar to a ball. According to the experts, the ideal mattress for this type of sleeper is the memory, latex, soft, or the combination of memory and latex or soft and latex, and so on. The purpose of choosing these types of mattresses is to relieve the pressure on the joints caused by sleeping in a fetal position.

Final Thoughts

There are more types of sleeping mattresses that are designed for specific sleeper; before purchasing your next mattress, make sure you know which type of sleeping position you are comfortable with.

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