Cheerwing CW4 RC Drone Review

You Need No Expertise to Fly

Cheerwing CW4 RC Drone has one touchdown function and one key take off. Thanks to this mechanism, you need no prior experience to use it. Beginners can fly the drone with ease. The one touchdown function protects the drone when it gets out of control or experiences low battery power. By this, the drone flies down in a slow motion and automatically lands on the ground just before the motor stops. This safety measure is crucial to prevent damage from occurring.

How about Aerial Photos and Videos

If you have never known about how easy this is done, you will in this Cheerwing CW4 RC Drone Review. The drone has a 2MP (720P) HD camera that takes beautiful aerial videos and photos as it flies. You get a new experience of your videos and photos from the air. For movie resolution, the upgrade is fantastic and at 1280 × 720 which is at 30 frames for every second. You will need enough storage space to store your media files being captured. A removable Micro-SD card comes in handy for several flights.

Fly It Easier with the Headless Mode

An easier flight with the headless mode is everything to die for when taking photos and videos from an aerial view. This happens when the drone cannot recognize the fuselage direction. It continues with the flight regardless. The performance is wonderful and incomparable with the one key 360 degrees roll that offers a continuous roll. While at it, the 360 degrees flip allows for extreme flips, stunts and ability to perform tricks using a simple joystick combo that includes Left or Right, Forward or Backward, 360 degrees rolls, 360 degrees flips and Up and Down combos.

Lock It as It Snaps

It is exciting how this drone has different modes to select from that doubles its performance making your sessions memorable and fruitful. The altitude hold mode is fantastic and a must try. The drone is locked at a specific height above sea level after releasing the throttle stick. Controlling the drone becomes easier and kids and newbies will love the experience. Its stability is a plus and guarantees you more stability for the perfect aerial photography.

Access Spares with Ease

Do not get a migraine on where to find a few parts and accessories for this drone. The Syma X5C batteries it uses are cheap and easy to find. Stocking a few in case you are going for long sessions of photo or video taking. For normal routine maintenance and sorting out breakages or an untimely crash, buying spares during your initial purchase is advised. The spares need to be light in weight and you shouldn’t compromise on the quality to enable this drone to fly like with its original parts. This drone comes with extra propellers and getting a few spare motors will be wise. The motors burn off very first but this shouldn’t limit your experience. Motors are easy to replace because of their low prices and availability. All this considered making your trip worthwhile.

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