Can air purifiers help for allergies

Many of us struggle daily with allergies. We all try to figure out the perfect remedy or cure that would rid us of this nuisance yet, many of us can never find relief. Some of the most common ways many people use to combat allergies are through the use of antihistamines, which with frequent use the effectiveness wears off, plus they can be quite expensive. Another favourite way to fight allergies is by cleaning your home frequently. Tidying up is a great solution, but most people do not have the time or energy to clean up daily. So what exactly is the most effective way to help with allergies, while still considering price? Air purifiers can solve this situation quickly and efficiently.

What Exactly is an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are not a novel innovation, they have been around for many decades. Air purifiers began as masks used to protect firefighters but now are used to kill airborne pollutant in millions of households. An air purifier is, in short, an air cleaner that filters various harmful toxins in the air. They work by using fine filters which rids the air in your home of multiple particles that may be circulating. Once air begins to flow through the purifier, the small particles become trapped in the filters. It is a pretty simple process with so many benefits for different ailments such as asthma, stress, plus many others. So, can air purifiers help for allergies? The answer to that question is a loud and resounding yes!

Air Purifiers & Allergy Suffers

Everyone can benefit from having an air purifier, but especially those who suffer from allergies. Some of the most common air pollutants found in the majority of homes are pollen, bacteria, spores, mould, dust mites, pet allergen, etc. The possibilities of what can circulate in your living environment air seem almost limitless, but some of the most common culprits for allergies can be eliminated from your home with an air purifier. Pollen is the primary source for seasonal allergies. However, if you notice year round sneezing, watery eyes, postnasal drip or any of the main allergy symptoms, then indoor allergen such as dust mites, mould, animal dander are most likely the cause. Luckily, most air purifiers can rid your home of all the above mentioned and then some. Many air purifiers use a high-efficiency particulate air filter aka HEPA filters. HEPA filters can remove up to over 99% of particles in your home air, such as the allergens listed.

Other Benefits of Air Purifiers

If you need more convincing as to why you need an air purifier in your home, here are a few more reasons to get one. Besides being able to breathe correctly without being stuffed up and relieving yourself from the torture of allergy symptoms all year round, your air purifier will also help you in other areas. Surprisingly air purifiers can remove tiny annoying critters. Mosquitoes, gnats, and other little pesky insects that are difficult to get rid are small enough to suck up by the air purifier. Air purifiers also improve sleep by the white noise the filter creates. The list can continue, but it is indeed clear as to why air purifiers are beneficial to allergy suffers.

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