Buyers guide to purchasing a safe

If searching for a safe to purchase for keeping your valuables or cash secure it might be quite challenging to establish the best one to go for. But then how do you determine which one fits what you looking for as there are considerations to make. Below are some of the considerations to make: Read more here too


When choosing a safe, size is so essential. With size you need to consider three aspects which are:

External size

This is the space the safe won’t or will go into. Safes’ sizes come in millimeters defining the depth, width and height of your safe. Therefore, before purchase ensure that you have enough space as well as that the door after installation will easily open. Additionally, check whether the safe as well features external hinges as it affects its operation and position.

Internal size

What will your safe hold? Will that thing fit? Internal size of safes differ as per the different safe type. The more heavy or graded, more secure or thicker walls the safe has, the less it’s inside space. Most safes are made for storing certain items like files, laptops among others. Before purchase, consider the items you will want to store inside then check if they can well fit.


A safe weight varies largely and therefore it’s an important consideration. A heavier safe implies a more secure safe. Although the heavier it is the less it is likely to be kept on a higher floor or any floor higher as its joists may not be able to support the weight. A safe which is heavy is better if kept on the ground floor and also cuts on heavy installation cost of installing it upstairs.

Locking options

A safe can be of either three locking options which are; key lock, electronic or mechanical combination. This is always the most difficult and expensive part when it comes to deciding on a safe. The different locking options have their advantages which are:

  • Key locks – they are easy and simple to use, very reliable but easily stolen, awkward and long to carry around as well as quite expensive when replacement need be.
  • Mechanical combination – very reliable with no keys which can be lost but takes longer before opening.
  • Electronic lock – easy and simple to use with no keys that can get lost, enables access by multiple users and also is easy while changing the combination. However, for its fitting, you must have a professional engineer.

Protection from fire

Most of the modern safes come along with 30 to 60-minute protection from fire for paper with some other safes having more as per type and design. Protection from fire aids in keeping the valuable documents you store in the safe very safe in case of fire and also enables the documents to withstand heat at high intensities until the fire extinguishes.

Some other factors you can put into consideration include; lockable drawers, extra shelves, internal cupboards, dual key lock and deposit safe characteristics such as capsule drops, rotary drums, letter slots among others.

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