Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet for Music

Love bike riding and want to use your bike every day? Sure, they offer speed and convenience, but you know you need more than that.

For a very long time, motorcycle helmets have been heavy – heavier than you would have liked by a long way. They were complicated and downright inconvenient. As a result, not many bike lovers looked at using it for their journeys.


When the Bluetooth helmets came into the picture, they did have a few drawbacks, but with the development of technology, they have evolved over the years. See more at motorcyclegearup.

Today, Bluetooth helmets are robust, consume less energy and are amazingly affordable.

A helmet audio system can not only offer you with good songs anytime but also help you communicate with others while riding. Whether it is attending to phone calls, talking to people, or following GPS navigation, it is all possible. So, how do you know which Bluetooth helmet you should go for? We will help you figure it all out below!

What Should You Look for From Your Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet for Music?

All the features that you are looking for – easy installation, good sound quality, cutting out background noise – can be found on a well-made Bluetooth intercom system.

  • Does it offer easy access to Siri and S Voice for Apple and Samsung phones, so that you can call whom you want, listen to music and get your GPS directions as well?
  • How much power and standby does the lithium-ion batteries give you?
  • Is it waterproof, and can it survive all weather conditions?
  • Can users listen to music, get help with navigation and make and receive calls?
  • Is it possible to use all the functions without using your hands, which makes it an extremely safe and user-friendly product?
  • Does the Bluetooth intercom feature allow you to talk to 2-3 users?
  • Does it have a FM radio feature that allows you to listen to your favorite music and get updates on traffic and other news as you ride?
  • What is the rider-to-rider communication range on offer?
  • Does it offer any advanced noise cancellation technology that can cut out all noise in the background even at high speed?
  • Is it easy to install and operate and weather resistant – which means it will work in all kinds of weather conditions?

Apart from these, you can ask yourself a few more questions, which can include things like whether the speakers give you a loud voice so that it makes for an easy ride.

Do note that the more features you need, the higher the price you would have to pay. You will need to take a call yourself as to when there is the ‘break even’ point and the features you could sacrifice. For instance, advanced noise cancellation technology can help you experience music much better but they do come at a much higher cost.

Whether you are looking for clearer voice or better quality sound for your music, a good motorcycle Bluetooth helmet for music has everything you are looking for and much more!

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