Best kitchen equipment for your RV

Recreational vehicle kitchens are quite functional as well as practical. Even though they are built and configured for recreational vehicles, these kitchens serve the entire purpose of a normal kitchen. Whether it is preparing food, washing dishes or storing utensils, your RV kitchen is practical and allows you to perform any task. What is more, there is kitchen equipment that is specifically designed for recreational vehicles. This equipment certainly makes your kitchen more functional and practical than ever. Let us look at some important pieces of kitchen equipment to add to your RV for added functionality as well as practicality.

An RV Macerator

A macerator is indeed one of the best kitchen equipment for your RV. It is by and large similar to a standard garbage disposal unit. Just as its name implies, this practical kitchen equipment for your recreational vehicle grinds and macerates the contents of the waste tasks making disposal of RV refuse easier. Although all standard RVs are equipped to dump waste using a standard 3-inch hose, a macerator gives you a better way of disposing of refuse. RV macerators are readily available online as well as in local stores dealing in RV accessories.

A Portable Solar Induction Cooktop

A portable induction cook top that uses solar instead of gas is another important piece of kitchen appliance to obtain for your recreational vehicle. One of the benefits of using a portable solar cook top is energy savings. Believe you me; you can save significant amounts of energy with a solar cook top. Solar cook tops do not waste heat because they heat, using a special mechanism known as induction. These appliances are more energy efficient than their gas or electric counterparts as they use up to more than 90% of the solar energy converted to heat, whereas the rest lose up to 60% of the cooking heat. This means that gas and electric cook tops are as low as 30% efficient. What’s more, portability means you can easily take your solar cook top outside for outdoor cooking purposes.

A Portable Ice Maker

A portable icemaker is another important kitchen equipment for your RV. A portable maker can be quite practical, especially when it comes to summer RV escapades. During this time, you want you want to drink a lot of fruit juice, soda or beer and you want your beverages ice cold. Instead of buying ice cubes and storing them inside your freezer, which can be a major hassle, a portable icemaker allows you to make your own ice cubes ASAP. For instance, a quality icemaker will make a tray of cubes in less than 10 minutes, which is a significant convenience.


Do you want to modify your recreational vehicle’s kitchen with some amazing pieces of equipment? Fair enough, these are the appliances to look for. A macerator, a portable solar induction cook top and a portable icemaker are some of the most important pieces of equipment to have in your RV kitchen. This equipment plays a very important role when it comes to RV kitchens.

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