Baby Showers Are More Delightful with Beautiful Cake Toppers!

Thinking about ways to make your baby shower more endearing and adorable? Personalized by Kate offers these beautiful cake toppers for baby showers that will surely make the event more sweet and adorable for you and your expecting family!


Here are few reasons why you should get these beautiful cake toppers for baby showers from Personalized by Kate!

Add flair to your baby cake

It is already a common scenario that cakes are the highlight of the gender reveals in baby showers and here in Personalized by Kate you can have that special gender reveal just the way you want it! However, if your “gender reveal” gimmick does not involve the cake, you can still get cake toppers that complement with your baby shower theme!

In the theme cake toppers

Is your baby shower’s theme tender and sweet? Elegant and classy? Goofy and whimsical? Fairy and magic? Whatever theme it may be or whatever your preferences may be, Personalized by Kate has the perfect cake topper for baby showers for the best expecting mommy!

Customize it according to your want

Cake toppers for your baby shower do not necessarily have to be the general “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” design you can customize it however you want! You can choose to have phrases such as  “summer baby”, “honeymoon baby”, or any other cute phrases you can think of! You can also have cake toppers designed in the name of your precious baby if you’ve already thought of a name. However, the cake toppers are not only limited to words and phrases, you can also choose from the cute baby figurines in the extensive catalogue of Personalized by Kate cake toppers for baby showers! If you can’t find the figurine or design you desire, you can contact and leave a message and the excited expecting mommy or daddy can go as creative as you want and Personalized by Kate can accommodate your needs.

Affordable and memorable

Not only they are pleasing to the eye, but these beautiful cake toppers for baby showers are affordable too! With a starting price of $14.99, you can already have a cake topper and at the same time a precious keepsake from your baby showers to be displayed in your baby’s room! Truly buying these cake toppers from Personalized by Kate is not a one-time only expense but something you can keep forever.

Baby showers are a special event that celebrates the welcoming of your baby into this world along with close friends and family. It is where expecting family reveals the gender or the name of the baby or babies for the first time. Don’t hold back and go all out with your celebration by purchasing these beautiful cake toppers for baby showers for a baby is truly a wonderful blessing and a surprise, not only to the expecting family but to everyone who knows and is close to the family. And Personalized by Kate is more than willing and excited to be part of such special celebration of your family with their beautiful cake toppers.

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