A Beginner’s Guide to the Art of Sewing

Sewing is a form of art from which incredibly beautiful things are made. This is done with the help of a sewing machine. For the person who is starting on this venture, it might seem like there is a lot you need to know. The purpose of this review is to put you in a position know on what you need as you begin on your new passion.


There are many beginner friendly sewing machines in the market. Unfortunately, that only makes it harder for one to make a choice of the machine they want. However, the internet is a good place to start from. Do your research on the different sewing machines based on your needs.

Essential sewing supplies

To begin your sewing journey, you need to have the necessary equipment. The first one will be an electric sewing machine. This does not have to be expensive or complicated. As long as it can do the basic sewing work then it is a good fit.

Next will be the fabric. Cotton is a good choice to start practicing on. It will be easier to handle and maneuver as you advance your sewing skills. However, you can go for the fabric you feel comfortable working on. The beauty of the fabric will pretty much cover up a simple design.

The other supplies that will be needed are as follows:

-Threads that match your fabric color

-Threads in black and white

-Large and small scissors

-Spare needles


-Tape measure


-Hand stitching needles



Other optional supplies may include a sewing basket to keep all your sewing items in, a mannequin, sewing magazines; they have great tips, or DVDs that have sewing videos.

Sewing tips

Get your sewing tools gathered. The most important being the sewing machine, get the best you can afford. It doesn’t matter if it has been previously used. As long as it is in a good working condition it can do the job. You can upgrade later after you have mastered the skill.


Many people find cutting and measuring fabric tedious. This is mandatory if you are to get the best patterns. So you have to master your pattern making. Another thing, your fabric needs to be well pressed. It is a lot easier to create patterns on a straightened fabric than a creased one. Important to note also is the quality of your threads. Buy the best threads since they hold the fabric together.

Do an online research and learn all you can about sewing. While at it, implement what you learn and sew more. Experience will teach you best. Also, talk to sewing experts and visit sewing blogs.

When starting out, you need simple sewing machine accessories. Many models come with dozens of presser feet and other accessories. At this point, a simple all-purpose presser foot is what you need. You can add other feet later that are made for different purposes.

Hopefully, these tips and essential supplies have given you a starting point in the sewing industry.

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