10 In-Demand Healthcare Occupations


Photo by Werner Vermaak / CC BY

Healthcare professionals are in higher demand today than ever before and with the baby boomer generation coming to retirement age, the demand for the many aspects of healthcare will only continue to rise. Choosing a career in healthcare is a rewarding opportunity to help people and to help your community. Listed below are a few of the healthcare careers that are in high demand today, with growth expected exponentially.

Paramedic – A Paramedic is someone who responds to emergency calls (usually as a team), and transports patients to emergency facilities usually performing medical services while in route. A paramedic has completed a postsecondary education and is licensed in the state in which they work. The job outlook for the field is faster than most, with the aging population being a contributing factor.

Respiratory Therapist – A Respiratory Therapist helps those who have issues with their breathing such as those who suffer from asthma. A Respiratory Therapist may also be in an emergency room situation stabilizing patients. An Associate’s degree is required for those who wish to hold this position and the growth outlook for this job is another one that is faster than other careers.

Dialysis Technician – Those with kidney diseases depend on a Dialysis Technician to operate the dialysis machine and spent time with the patient charting their concerns and needs, and maintaining the equipment as it operates. The growth rate for this career is expected to explode in the next few years again, due to the aging population.

X-Ray Technician – An X-Ray Technician is one who is trained to take x-rays of patients that have been injured or to help diagnose medical conditions. X-Ray Technicians can work in a variety of medical settings such as a hospital, private practice, or in a clinic. An associate’s degree is required for an entry level position and the job growth outlook is positive. More than half of x-ray technicians work in a hospital environment.

EKG Technician – If you have ever been hooked up to an electrocardiogram machine at the doctor’s office or hospital, you’ve met an EKG Technician. The EKG Technician operates the machine to chart the activity of the heart and its rhythm. With the ever-growing need for diagnostic cardiovascular care the growth for this career is excellent.

Pharmacy Technician – A Pharmacy Technician is primarily responsible for dispensing prescriptions under the guidance of a Pharmacist. They may label prescriptions, assist customers, and in some states can mix medications. With more medications becoming available every day and the aging population, job growth for this career is good.

Biomedical Engineer – This career path seeks to bring both the medical field and the engineering filed together to further healthcare advances in diagnosis and treatment. This person will have advanced degrees in their particular field of research. Biomedical engineering is expected to be the number one growth field in healthcare in the future.

Dentist – With studies continually being published about the link between health and oral hygiene it’s no wonder that a career in Dentistry would be on the rise. It is also one of the most lucrative careers today and the unemployment rate is very low compared to some other fields. A Dentist will treat patients by examining teeth, filling cavities, cleaning teeth and teaching proper hygiene. As with all of the healthcare industry, job growth is expected to be good for this field of work.

Clinical Laboratory Technician – A Clinical Laboratory Technician will conduct tests and analysis on a variety of substances or bodily fluids to assist the physician with diagnosis. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required to enter this field of work and advanced degree work is expected. Again, as with all areas of healthcare job growth is good due to the aging population.

Nutritionist – People are more aware of the direct impact of their diet upon their health. A Nutritionist is there to help with a patients overall health by teaching them about how to eat a proper diet and optimize their nutritional intake. A Nutritionist will help a patient to understand which foods may be causing certain ailments such as allergies, indigestion, heartburn, and irritable bowel syndrome. They will also advise a patient which foods would be best for their long term health. Job growth in the area of nutrition is excellent with the ever growing population of baby boomers entering retirement.

The healthcare industry is booming in all corners, from massage therapists to scientists to doctors. The only determining factors are what you are interested in, how much education a person is willing to obtain, and what type of lifestyle you wish to live. With the baby boomer population entering retirement the healthcare sector is expected to grow in leaps and bounds, and almost any career a person chooses will lead to their success.

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